Guide to cutting down on caffeine and putting the taper in motion P5 – Final part to series

If you’ve followed along with this series for the past couple of weeks (okay, it’s been months, longer than anticipated but i promise to do better next time), then props to you! And chances are, you probably don’t remember me mentioning the tapering method of quitting coffee, but not to worry as I’ve linked it here.

Today, I’ll be sharing a breakdown guide in case you’ve chosen to taper off your caffeine cravings. And though i can’t promise that it’ll be a speedy route or journey, it is the more effective option as it still allows you to indulge, just not as aggressively, and will ultimately help you adjust to lower levels of caffeine, in the process. And if you’re willing – to quit caffeine altogether.

P.s. this is the final post of the series, so if you would like to stay in the loop for the next series, hint **it’ll be on all things wellness tea**

Guide to effectively tapering your coffee consumption

When it comes to gradually reducing how much caffeine you consume, it’s important to look at your habits. Obviously, if coffee is your only vice, then it of course, makes sense to focus your reduction here. But if you love a choccie too, then it may be worth looking to cut down there also.

  1. Ask yourself if you want change your habits, and if you’re ready to do so, then consider the tips mentioned below.
  2. Take a look at your caffeine habits. If you have, say, 3 coffees in a day and 2 chocolate bars, with the odd energy drink throughout the day, it’s best you take note of how much caffeine you’re getting.
  3. Since we’re talking about coffee here, we’ll stick to this.It’s recommended you reduce by 1/3 cup over a period of time. By brewing your coffee a little weaker, you’ll still be getting your fix, 300mg is the recommended daily amount; about 3 mugs of filter coffee.
  4. Avoiding caffeine after 3pm has also been suggested, because as mentioned in an earlier post it can take between 7-9 hours for caffeine to leave the bloodstream.
  5. Staying hydrated
  6. Keep on the lookout for coffee alternatives, which we discussed here. For more tips, you can visit the US Health News suggestions

the best time to start was yesterday, the second best time to start is now


It’s been fun doing this series, and i hope you enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed researching and sharing my findings. If you’ve been read part 1 to 5, you’re the real MVP, and I appreciate you! Till the next series, which will begin in August (but the introduction to the next series will be up on 20th July)

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